The Next Generation in Ortho-k Lens Design.

NewVision is the FIRST FDA-cleared corneo-scleral lens for daily wear.

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New Vision a Corneo-scleral Ortho-K Lens For Daily Wear

The first FDA-cleared corneo-scleral Ortho-K lens indicated for daily wear in children and adults. New Vision ™ Daily Wear marks the beginning of a new generation of otho-K lens designs. 

NewVision is made exclusively from Contamac Infinite (tisilfocon A) material and designed with exclusively utilizing bi-elevation data from the Eaglet ESP, Medmont or Pentacam CSP.  


of Infinite Possibilities with New Vision 

  • Enhanced comfort
  • ​100% customizable in all zones
  • ​Data driven designed
  • ​Unique diameters for each patient 11.7mm- 13.5mm
  • ​Custom alignment zone
  • ​Custom optic zone size
  • ​No fitting set required
  • ​Made exclusively with Contamac Infinite Material
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Revolutionary Ortho-K Lens Design!
Specifically designed for each patient's eye, the next generation is here. NewVision lenses require bi-elevation scans and will be created empirically by a proprietary algorithm when uploaded to AccuLens.


Upload your patient's data by the Eaglet ESP, Medmont, or Pentacam CSP, and we do the rest. NewVision is a unique lens for every patient. 

During this comprehensive training, you will delve into the fitting philosophy and mechanics behind NewVision. Learn advanced fitting techniques, and discover the latest insights in data-driven design. By becoming a certified provider in NewVision, you'll position yourself as a leading authority in the temporary reduction of myopia management, attracting new patients seeking improved comfort and wearing time flexibility.

Professional training and certification is required to prescribe NewVision ™
The Benefits of a New Approach

NewVision offers wear-time flexibility. NewVision lenses will provide crisp, sharp vision with enhanced comfort when worn throughout the day. As an alternative to daily soft lens wear, patients will enjoy the temporary reduction in myopia with continued use. 

Differentiation and Niche

 Distinguish yourself from competitors and establish a unique niche in the market with this innovative lens.

Myopia Control Expertise

Myopia is a growing global concern, and ortho-k is gaining recognition as an effective method for managing its progression.

Increased Patient Base

Ortho-k lenses are particularly popular among children and young adults who are seeking non-invasive myopia control solutions. 

Long-term Revenue Stream

Ortho-k lens fitting typically involves a series of follow-up visits, which creates a long-term revenue stream for the practice. 
Join Our Virtual Training and Get Certified in this
Revolutionary Ortho-K Lens Design!
Join Our Virtual Training and Get Certified in this
Revolutionary Ortho-K Lens Design!
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